Uber, Airbnb: How Airbnb could be the next big ride sharing company

On March 17, the UberX service launched, a service that lets users rent out rooms for as little as $1 a night.This was not the only way for people to earn money on Airbnb.The company is working on a new way for users to earn a living.A few days after the launch, Airbnb announced a […]

When will Juventus make an appointment for the World Cup in 2018?

Venezia are preparing to make an initial offer for the services of Juventus midfielder Gianluigi Buffon.Venezia have also agreed to sign the Brazil star, a source close to the talks told Mediaset Premium.The deal, which has been discussed for some time, would see the Bianconeri buy out Juventus’ contractual obligations for the duration of the […]