Cheapest hotels in New Orleans: Cork, luxury hotels or hotels that aren’t cheap?

NEW ORLEANS — A look at the hotels in the New Orleans area that can be found for the most affordable prices.The most popular hotel in New York is a $4,000-per-night hotel in the Lower East Side, but that is a luxury in itself.This is the Shangri-La Hotel on West 43rd Street.The hotel has an […]

“Cheap” Hotel for $2,200? Now you can get in for $3,000!

Cheap hotels are the hottest property category right now, and there are lots of options for people who are looking for a quick getaway.There are many things to consider when choosing a cheap hotel, like amenities, location, and amenities that will make you feel at home, but the key thing to consider is whether you’ll […]

Steins Hatchee, Hotels, Cheap hotels hit by new rules

The Irish Hotel Association has issued new rules aimed at protecting low-cost accommodation against the rising threat of a hotel price war.In a statement, the association said the new regulations will reduce the number of hotel operators with the lowest hotel prices from 11 to six, and it said hotels could only offer discounted rates […]

‘Cheapest hotel deals are almost completely free’: Cork hotel operators

CORK, Ireland—Ireland’s tourism agency, Tourism Ireland, is set to launch an initiative to “cleanse” its tourism industry by offering hotels in low-income countries free-of-charge, with the aim of boosting tourism revenue and attracting foreign investors.The initiative, dubbed “Cleanse,” will target hotels in the poorest countries with the goal of eliminating “the dirty” hotels that are […]