Trump’s $20 million hotel to reopen as cheap hotels

The Trump Organization is set to open a $20.5 million hotel at Lake Tahoe, one of the world’s dirtiest waters.President Donald Trump’s luxury resort, the Lake Tahokeen, will be open for business as of Jan. 5.The Lake Tahoreen Hotel, located just a few miles off the shores of Lake Taho, has been closed since December […]

What to do if you get stuck in the sand for the night in B&C

If you have had a rough night in the hammock or if you’ve had a bad one and you’ve been stranded, you’ve probably experienced a bit of sand.But the sand is not the only danger you can face.Here are some tips to keep you safe.If you’re a backpacker, the sand will likely be covered in […]

Can You Be Cheaply Hosted in Hawaii?

The new Honolulu Hotel Association (HHA) says it is looking for hotels with low occupancy rates to be the first to receive the “Best Hotel” award.The HHA is seeking properties with at least 50 percent occupancy.This means there are at least 1,000 people in the room.In Hawaii, a single occupancy room is generally reserved for […]

Which cheap hotels in Auckland are the best?

Dunsborough – The cheapest hotel in Auckland tonight?It’s Dunsboro, a small coastal town with an impressive array of bars, restaurants and boutiques.The resort is a bit of a hidden gem, though it does come with its fair share of drawbacks, including the fact that it’s only about an hour from Auckland’s main train station. But the […]