How to Save on Expedia, Expedia Free Vacations

Expedia is going free on March 31.The company said it will offer a free weekend to all eligible members who use its online booking portal.It is offering the free weekend through March 30, 2020.That’s two years after the company began offering a free one-day vacation in 2018.Expedia said in a statement that the offer is […]

Which Cheap Hotels Are Best in Vancouver?

Cheaper Hotels in Vancouver, BC are a lot cheaper than you might think.That’s because most cheap hotels in the city are located on the Fraser River, in the Fraser Valley, and have a variety of amenities to suit your budget.So, what are the top 10 cheap hotels you should definitely try before you book a […]

When will Juventus make an appointment for the World Cup in 2018?

Venezia are preparing to make an initial offer for the services of Juventus midfielder Gianluigi Buffon.Venezia have also agreed to sign the Brazil star, a source close to the talks told Mediaset Premium.The deal, which has been discussed for some time, would see the Bianconeri buy out Juventus’ contractual obligations for the duration of the […]