‘You can’t get high in cheap hotels’: Why I like ‘cheap’ hotels

It’s not uncommon to see hoteliers offering their rooms for free.And it’s not just the cheap hotelier that is doing this.In fact, many of the cheaper hotels around you can be free if you book online.But what if you don’t want to spend a lot of money?Or what if it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet?Here’s a look […]

How the cheap hotels near the city centre are doing

Emeryville’s hotels are doing well.It’s not just because they have a new lease on life, says Mark Hetfield, head of the hotel association.“They’re getting a lot more customers,” he says.“A lot of them are not really staying in the old hotels, but they’re going to the new hotels, or they’re just staying at the cheapest […]

Uber, Airbnb: How Airbnb could be the next big ride sharing company

On March 17, the UberX service launched, a service that lets users rent out rooms for as little as $1 a night.This was not the only way for people to earn money on Airbnb.The company is working on a new way for users to earn a living.A few days after the launch, Airbnb announced a […]