“Cheap” Hotel for $2,200? Now you can get in for $3,000!

Cheap hotels are the hottest property category right now, and there are lots of options for people who are looking for a quick getaway.There are many things to consider when choosing a cheap hotel, like amenities, location, and amenities that will make you feel at home, but the key thing to consider is whether you’ll […]

How a $2 million beachfront hotel in the heart of downtown Lihue could become one of the hottest destinations in the city

A luxury hotel that opened in 2009 in the shadow of the Capitol was one of three Lihuas that was on the short list for the top prize in a competition to create the most affordable hotel in town.The Lihuias’ luxury property on Washington Street, on the waterfront of Lihua Island, is one of only […]

How to spend $200k on a room at the cheap hotels in Charlotte, North Carolina

Cheap hotels are everywhere in Charlotte.I love them.They are the perfect venue for parties, weddings, or just a night in with friends.Here are the best cheap hotels around Charlotte.1.The Hotel at the Plaza Charlotte – $190 per night (with complimentary breakfast and lunch)1.the Plaza hotel is located at 4th and Broad streets. 2.It is right on […]