How to stay cheap at cheap hotels on Airbnb – Cheap hotels on Uber and Airbnb

Expedia (AXP) has been fined $150 million by the US Department of Justice for its alleged role in the booking and renting of hotel rooms at prices far below market rates.According to a US Department spokesperson, the investigation uncovered “illegal activity, including the creation of multiple listings for the same property, with the purpose of […]

How to book a cheap hotel in Tasmania

What are the cheapest hotels in Tasmania?The cheapest hotels are a lot cheaper than you might think.And they’re usually in the south of the state.Read more.The cheapest hotel in Hobart, Tasmania’s most populous state, is the Rooftop Inn.It is the second cheapest in the state after the Ritz-Carlton in Alice Springs, with a 2,000-sq-metre room […]

How to find cheap restaurants in Georgia 77042

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) It’s not a glamorous spot for foodies, but Georgia’s Chattahoochee River Valley is home to some of the country’s most expensive dining.With prices ranging from $75 to $2,500 a night, many restaurants here will make it seem like the bargain is worth it.It depends on the restaurant and how many tables you […]