How to save on cheap hotel accommodation in Bangladesh – Business Insider

Cheap cheap hotel hotels, cheap nice hotels is one of the most popular hotels to book in Bangladesh.They offer the cheapest rate of return and are a favourite amongst tourists.These are the best cheap hotels to stay in Bangladesh for cheap cheap and the cheapest hotels to get your business done in Bangladesh, we have […]

How to get dirt cheap hotel rooms in Australia

The cheapest hotel room in Australia is $500 a night.The cheapest room in a house in Sydney is $1,000.But cheap hotel room prices have become a bit of a cottage industry.Here’s how you can buy cheap hotel accommodation in Australia, and get cheap rooms.The rules: You’ll need a valid visa and an Australian passport to […]

‘Cheapest hotel deals are almost completely free’: Cork hotel operators

CORK, Ireland—Ireland’s tourism agency, Tourism Ireland, is set to launch an initiative to “cleanse” its tourism industry by offering hotels in low-income countries free-of-charge, with the aim of boosting tourism revenue and attracting foreign investors.The initiative, dubbed “Cleanse,” will target hotels in the poorest countries with the goal of eliminating “the dirty” hotels that are […]