Trump has ‘great support’ from cheap hotel meal prices, but they could be more expensive to the rest of us

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings are improving in the face of rising food prices, according to a poll conducted by Axios, with a majority of Americans viewing him favorably.Trump’s favorable rating is up 6 points since Axios’ earlier poll last week, according the results.The poll also showed Trump is leading Democratic challenger Tammy Baldwin in […]

When will Juventus make an appointment for the World Cup in 2018?

Venezia are preparing to make an initial offer for the services of Juventus midfielder Gianluigi Buffon.Venezia have also agreed to sign the Brazil star, a source close to the talks told Mediaset Premium.The deal, which has been discussed for some time, would see the Bianconeri buy out Juventus’ contractual obligations for the duration of the […]

How to avoid paying too much for hotel accommodation, says report

It’s a popular trend among consumers and travellers: They’ll find cheap hotels cheaper than the most expensive hotels.But how much do you really need to spend?The cost of a hotel room is the sum of all the fees, taxes, and other costs that you’re going to have to pay before you can book a room.We’re […]

How to find cheap restaurants in Georgia 77042

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) It’s not a glamorous spot for foodies, but Georgia’s Chattahoochee River Valley is home to some of the country’s most expensive dining.With prices ranging from $75 to $2,500 a night, many restaurants here will make it seem like the bargain is worth it.It depends on the restaurant and how many tables you […]