How the cheap hotels near the city centre are doing

Emeryville’s hotels are doing well.It’s not just because they have a new lease on life, says Mark Hetfield, head of the hotel association.“They’re getting a lot more customers,” he says.“A lot of them are not really staying in the old hotels, but they’re going to the new hotels, or they’re just staying at the cheapest […]

Uber, Airbnb: How Airbnb could be the next big ride sharing company

On March 17, the UberX service launched, a service that lets users rent out rooms for as little as $1 a night.This was not the only way for people to earn money on Airbnb.The company is working on a new way for users to earn a living.A few days after the launch, Airbnb announced a […]

How to spend $200k on a room at the cheap hotels in Charlotte, North Carolina

Cheap hotels are everywhere in Charlotte.I love them.They are the perfect venue for parties, weddings, or just a night in with friends.Here are the best cheap hotels around Charlotte.1.The Hotel at the Plaza Charlotte – $190 per night (with complimentary breakfast and lunch)1.the Plaza hotel is located at 4th and Broad streets. 2.It is right on […]

When you are on the run in the United States, you can expect to be hit by a tornado

Posted September 07, 2018 07:48:25When you are living in the Southwestern United States of America, you probably have seen the devastating flooding that has hit the country.But you probably haven’t been hit by one.A few days ago, the US National Weather Service announced a tornado was possible in the area of Saratoga Springs, New York.The […]

10 cheap hotels with a big return in 2018

The average hotel in Australia is selling for $3,000 a night, according to a report by real estate agency, The Home Builders Association.The annual report found that the average rate of return for a hotel room in Australia in 2018 was $2,900.But when it comes to the return on investment, the average return was a […]