How to book cheap hotels in the EU

The UK and France have the most affordable hotel deals in the European Union, according to the latest survey of the market by the hotel industry.The UK’s cheap hotel market is estimated to be worth £15bn and France’s the most expensive with £20bn.A new study from research firm Euromonitor shows France is the most popular […]

How to Save $400 in Puebla Cheap Hotels

Cheap oceanfront hotel options are becoming more popular in the Philippines, and Pueblo is no exception.The cheapest hotel in the city is located on Pueblan Street in Pampanga, with prices ranging from $400 for a one-bedroom to $13,000 for a three-bedroom. Puebla is known for its beautiful beaches, but locals have also been known to stay […]

How to book a cheap casino hotel for the holidays

Here’s how to book cheap casinos for the holiday season: 1.Check out what your hotel needs.In many hotels, you can book cheap hotels for a single night and then check back in.Check online to see if the price you paid is still available.If so, you’ll find that your hotel will only be available for a […]

Steins Hatchee, Hotels, Cheap hotels hit by new rules

The Irish Hotel Association has issued new rules aimed at protecting low-cost accommodation against the rising threat of a hotel price war.In a statement, the association said the new regulations will reduce the number of hotel operators with the lowest hotel prices from 11 to six, and it said hotels could only offer discounted rates […]

Which cheap hotels in Auckland are the best?

Dunsborough – The cheapest hotel in Auckland tonight?It’s Dunsboro, a small coastal town with an impressive array of bars, restaurants and boutiques.The resort is a bit of a hidden gem, though it does come with its fair share of drawbacks, including the fact that it’s only about an hour from Auckland’s main train station. But the […]

The best cheap hotels in Melbourne

I don’t want to sound like a crazy person but I don.I think I’m not the only one who’s been left feeling a bit flat-footed by the cheap hotel boom in Melbourne.There’s been a lot of hype around cheap hotels but they’ve all been underwhelming, from the new high-rise apartments to the cheap restaurants to […]

4 new hotels,more,cheaper hotels,inclusive

4 new hotel options have been added to the list of new hotels coming to the Indian market.Cheaper hotels are now available at Indian resorts.The first of these is called The Palace, which will open next year.This luxury resort in Rajasthan has been built by a company called SRI Group, which is the parent company […]