When a $1.2 million apartment in Australia costs just $900 a week

The average salary for a housekeeper in Australia’s north-west is $1,220 a week.

The average weekly salary for an electrician is $2,320, while a landscaper earns $1 a week in Sydney, according to a survey by a property management company.

The survey by property management firm RealtyTrac was based on responses from the public.

It found that while many households had higher incomes than the average, it was the working households who were earning the highest average salaries.

The median salary for housekeepers was $1:30, while an electricians salary was $2:20.

But the average wages for landscapers were a fraction of the average salaries of housekeepers.

The salary gap between housekeepers and electricians widened for a number of reasons, with the number of landscaping jobs in Australia being on the decline.

More than 50 per cent of all landscaping and garden jobs are currently vacant, according a Realty Trac report.

The most common reason for vacancies is lack of training, while other factors include the age of the jobs and the number that are vacant.

The majority of landscapers are aged between 40 and 64, while most electricians are aged 65 and over.

Realty Tr, which manages residential properties for Realty Australia, said the findings were a reminder that “the vast majority of people who work in landscaping are working to meet their needs”.

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