How to get out of a cheap hotel room

Travel blogger Emily Zavadski has shared how she and her husband managed to pay for their first round of holiday spending in Australia without resorting to credit cards.

Ms Zavadeskis hotel room in Adelaide included an entry fee of $15,000 and a $10,000 deposit.

It was on a five-night stay in a four-star hotel, so the couple opted to pay cash instead.

She says the hotel room was a bargain compared to the price tag she and husband were expecting.

“The price was $20,000 cheaper than I thought, which was quite an improvement on what I thought would be the average hotel room cost, $30,000,” she said.

Ms Zakavadsky and her boyfriend had booked their stay at the same hotel in April and booked a four night stay in October.

“We’re not expecting much in terms of things to happen on the hotel bed,” she says.

“It’s a really simple, straightforward, easy-to-use system.”

There’s no point in booking something that you don’t need to use.

It’s the same for any other booking system you use.

“Her advice to other travellers: “Always book your hotel room online.

Booking your hotel can save you a lot of money.

“Ms Zavaladski, who is based in Adelaide, says her advice to others on how to book their rooms has been largely positive.”

A lot of hotels are now offering free rooms,” she told ABC Radio Adelaide.”

You can do a lot cheaper hotels and do a bit more, but for the most part the hotel you book online is the one you’ll use.

“I have not had any issues booking a room with my friends, although some have complained about not being able to use their credit cards to pay.”

They just don’t have a bank account.

“What to do if you’re in a hotel room that costs more than expected?

If you’re unsure of how much you can expect to pay before the arrival of a room, Ms Zavadkski suggests checking your booking.”

Don’t just take your room number and email it to the hotel,” she advises.”

Make sure they’ve booked it for the right time and for the correct room.

“If you can’t find out how much it’s going to cost on your own, or how long you can stay there, make sure you’re paying in cash, and use the booking system, like Expedia.”

Ms Zakapys advice also applies to travellers who have a limited budget.

“Pay as little as you can in advance, and save as much as you possibly can,” she recommends.

“So make sure your credit card is charged on time, and if you can, pay as little or as much, as you need to, for the room you’re staying in.”

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