India has made it easier for travelers to get cheap hotels on Indian Railways

India has created an easy way to get affordable hotels on the railways by introducing an online booking system called Ola, said railways chief minister Arvind Panagariya.

Railways had launched a new booking system to help travellers book their accommodation at domestic and international train stations, which had been made possible by a similar booking system in China.

It is available to travellers who want to book in the morning and return to their hotel in the evening.

The new booking service has been launched by Ola and Ola Go service and offers booking options like hotels and restaurants, for an amount ranging from Rs 6,000 to Rs 50,000.

Ola has also launched an app that will allow people to book cheap accommodation at railway stations on its platform.

Ola has an integrated booking system for booking hotels, restaurants, travel agency agencies, car rental agencies and private tours.

The Railways has also been making it easier to book hotels at its domestic and foreign railway stations by making it possible to book online through its website.

The new booking option is available from midnight till 5 am (10 pm-8 am) of the booking time.

Overnight accommodation can be booked online and will be charged at the time of booking.

“There is a charge for booking hotel rooms online and at the station itself and the booking fee is Rs 6k, which is a little more than the Rs 6500 fee charged at hotels,” the Railway Ministry said in a statement.

Overnight accommodation will be booked on a daily basis at a rate of Rs 100 per night.

The Government of India has also taken steps to bring its railways in line with the standards set by China, which has set a new standard of making its rail network affordable and affordable for all segments of the population.

The railway sector has also invested in digital infrastructure and launched a number of digital platforms that offer digital booking, digital booking services, booking services and reservation services, as well as other services and services.

The railway ministry has also announced that it will introduce a Rs 4,000 fee for booking overnight accommodation at train stations.