When you can’t afford a hotel, get a cheap one

When you need a hotel for a specific date or a specific price, a cheap hotel might be what you need.

Here’s a guide to some cheap hotels in the world.


The Grand Hotel, Paris, France, $200-250 a night Source New Scientist article You need a place to stay when you need it, and the Grand Hotel in Paris is one of the most popular hotels in Paris.

The hotel is owned by the French government and offers rooms for around €200 a night.

The rooms are spread around the property, with the most common one being the “Grand Suite” for around $250 a bed.

There are also more affordable rooms available in other rooms of the Grand Suite, which are usually for around the same price.


The Four Seasons, New York City, New Yorker, New Jersey, $300 a night, $350 a night and $400 a night source New Yorker article A typical room at the Four Seasons is a two-bedroom suite, with two bathrooms, a bath, a shower, two bedrooms, two kitchenettes and a king size bed.

The suite also includes a spa, a sauna, an exercise room and a lounge area.


The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, $500 a night in a private suite, $600 a night at a public suite and $900 a night a room in a public room source New York Times article A private suite at the Royal Albert hall costs about $400 per night, while a public two-bed suite costs about a hundred dollars per night.


The Ritz Carlton, New Zealand, $400 to $600 per night for a private room in one of its two suites.


The Biltmore, Atlanta, US, $550 per night in an upmarket suite, or $600 for a two bedroom suite.


The Savoy Hotel, London and Paris, $800 per night per room in an apartment, or more than $1,000 per night at the Sheraton Paris.


The Holiday Inn at Grand Hyatt, Los Angeles, US$1,100 per night a suite, room, or room and breakfast, or about $2,000 a night per suite, a hotel suite or room, a breakfast room or breakfast.


The Marriott Marquis in New York, US $1.6 million per night or about one month of lodging per night to a single family, or an apartment.


The Hilton Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada, USThe hotel is an old building that is currently undergoing renovations.

A lot of the rooms in the hotel are just a room and no amenities.

There is a laundry service but no washing facilities.

The most expensive hotel room in the entire hotel is the two-star hotel room, with room rates that go up to about $3,000 and a private bathroom.


The Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, LA, $2.6 to $3 million per month, or two- or three-bedroom suites, or a suite for $2 million per year in New Orleans.


The Residence Inn at Mar-a-Lago, Florida, USIf you’re looking for a hotel room at Marau, you’ll have to spend a bit more than you usually would, but the Residence at Maramago, in Palm Beach, Florida is the most affordable hotel room anywhere.

There’s a private spa and a separate lounge room for $3.5 million a month.


The Sheraton Hotel, New Hampshire, USYou can find rooms in New England for as little as $1 per night on a two person stay, and rooms in Massachusetts for as much as $2 per night when you include a two year stay.

If you want to go up a notch, you can book a three-bed stay in a hotel with a private bath or a private pool for $8.5-10 million per person.


The Plaza Hotel, Vancouver, Canada, $10-20 million per stay, or one-bedroom hotel for $20-25 million per room.


The Guggenheim Museum, New Haven, Connecticut, $15-20million per night as a private residence, or three or four-bedroom apartments for $30-40 million per apartment.


The Renaissance Hotel, Milan, Italy, $20 million, or even more than double the amount for one- or two bedroom suites.


The New York Hilton in New Jersey $20million.


The Crystal Palace in London, England, £25 million, £30 million, and £40 million.


The Palace Hotel, Sydney, Australia, £50 million,£60 million and £80 million.


The Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, £150 million.


The Regency Inn, Sydney Australia, $175 million.

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