What you need to know about Ocmd, the new hotel robot

A new robot is coming to the US, but is it cheap?

Or is it better?

In an interview with Wired, a startup called Ocmd hopes to change that with a product that uses a human brain to learn from its surroundings.

Ocmd’s CEO says it can quickly learn from a range of situations, including when it senses something unusual or wants to get a better idea of how a room is being used.

Its goal is to save people money on hotels by simplifying booking and paying.

Omotcs first test will see it used in hotels and in airports, as well as in other types of buildings and environments.

It’ll cost $1,000 per year, but the company says that will likely increase to $5,000 or $10,000 over time.OMotcs chief executive Alex Bierut tells Wired that the goal of Ocmd is to make hotels more human and more flexible.

“There are many robots that are designed for tasks, and there are many that are built for tasks,” he says.

“The way we are going is to try to design our robots for things that are human and human-like, not just for robots.”

Omotos team is working with several companies including GE, Amazon and Facebook, and hopes to launch a commercial version by the end of the year.

Omotcs has raised $7 million so far, but has yet to receive a single seed round.