How to Save on Expedia, Expedia Free Vacations

Expedia is going free on March 31.

The company said it will offer a free weekend to all eligible members who use its online booking portal.

It is offering the free weekend through March 30, 2020.

That’s two years after the company began offering a free one-day vacation in 2018.

Expedia said in a statement that the offer is good for members who are enrolled in the company’s “Expedia Plus” plan, which includes a $50 monthly membership fee.

It will be available for those who want to stay in one of its hotels, or who are looking for a cheap option to book a hotel stay. 

The company’s free weekend will be the second time it has offered free vacations to the public, following an offer to all customers who paid $99 or more in February 2019. 

However, that offer was made through its website, and didn’t require members to enter a credit card number.

Expansys also offers its members free flights, free hotel stays and free airport passes. 

This isn’t the first time Expedia has offered a free vacation to the general public.

The online travel portal in March 2018 offered a two-week vacation for its customers to use to fly to and from destinations like the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Japan.

Expanded in 2019 to include more destinations, Expansies members will also be able to get free flights to fly on the company plane.

Expenses and Benefits Expedia members can also get discounts from their travel expenses.

For instance, Expanders can save $30 on a single roundtrip flight to the United Kingdom, while the company said that the trip will be $20 cheaper than the equivalent airfare in the United States.

This means Expansions members can save more than $100, or nearly $300, per year. 

Additionally, Expanded members will get a discount for booking flights with Expedia and using its booking portal, while they will be able save $15 for a booking on a flight from the United Arab Emirates to Los Angeles International Airport. 

You can read the full statement from Expedia here.