Can You Be Cheaply Hosted in Hawaii?

The new Honolulu Hotel Association (HHA) says it is looking for hotels with low occupancy rates to be the first to receive the “Best Hotel” award.

The HHA is seeking properties with at least 50 percent occupancy.

This means there are at least 1,000 people in the room.

In Hawaii, a single occupancy room is generally reserved for one guest.HHA president and CEO Robert T. Tullio said this year’s awards are “going to be an exciting time” for Hawaii’s tourism industry.

“We have been trying to find new, affordable options for hotels in Hawaii for many years,” Tulliano said.

“The new HHA award is the first of many.

We are excited to announce the new Hawaii Hotel Association Best Hotel Awards for 2018.”

The HOA is one of the oldest and most respected hotels groups in the world, founded in 1902.

The group has since grown into a national organization and has become a member of the National Association of Hotel Association Companies, the association that represents the majority of the nation’s hotel and vacation hotels.

“The new Hawaiian Hotel Association Awards will be a great opportunity for the hotels industry to celebrate the continued growth of the Hawaiian hospitality industry,” Tully said.

“Our goal is to have the largest number of hotel rooms available for occupancy in the shortest time possible,” he added.

“By recognizing hotels that are affordable and provide excellent value, our members will help us increase the number of guests we can attract to Hawaii and our communities.”HHA members must meet minimum standards of occupancy to be eligible for the award.

It does not include those hotels that require a minimum room rate.

“In 2018, we will be looking for properties that are 100 percent occupancy or above, that have a high occupancy rate, and that have an average occupancy rate of 100 percent,” TULLIO said.

Housing in the Pacific Northwest is a major driver of the hotel industry in Hawaii, where more than 1,500 hotels are currently in operation.

Tully pointed out that Hawaii’s economic climate has been improving, with a $300 million tourism tax increase in 2017, a $30 million hotel tax increase and new tourism tax credits for hotel occupancy.HUA will host the 2018 Awards at its Hawaii Hotel in Waikiki from Sept. 15-21.