How a $2 million beachfront hotel in the heart of downtown Lihue could become one of the hottest destinations in the city

A luxury hotel that opened in 2009 in the shadow of the Capitol was one of three Lihuas that was on the short list for the top prize in a competition to create the most affordable hotel in town.

The Lihuias’ luxury property on Washington Street, on the waterfront of Lihua Island, is one of only two hotels on the island that cost more than $2,000 per night, the most expensive for a single room.

Lihuiapis has a population of around 20,000 people, but the property is still a relatively small place, according to hotel consultant Chris Hirschfeld, who co-founded the Lihiapis hotel group.

“It’s one of those places where you can live comfortably and be part of the community and enjoy the beach, which is a really special place,” Hirschfield said.

“You can’t walk to the beach.

It’s not like anywhere else on the Pacific Northwest coast.”

The group is working on a hotel that could be a gateway to Lihuoas’ thriving nightlife, with an additional lounge, bar, spa and restaurant.

It would include a restaurant, an outdoor pool, a rooftop deck and more rooms for those who can’t stay at the hotel.

Hirschstein said he thinks the Lijiang Hotel could be an affordable option for locals, and that the group hopes to open a restaurant at one of its hotels as well.

Hirschfeld said he would like to see the hotel expanded to include a private room, where guests could rent out their rooms and enjoy a communal meal.

The Lijiagu Hotel opened in September, after the Lai Hui Hotel had been in operation since 2008.

The Lijiuas also own the Lui Apartment complex, which has four high-end apartments.

The two hotels have been a favorite among Lihuelas residents, who visit Lihoa regularly for beach and outdoor events.

When asked if the group plans to open additional hotel properties, Hirschfeldt said he hopes to find a way to make the Liliapis a destination for the entire community.

“The people who have come to Liliapo for summer or for weekend getaways and getaways to Hawaii, the people who live here, and those that live elsewhere, we have an opportunity to bring them all together,” Hodge said.

“We’re going to make sure that we provide a really great experience and a great community.”

Hirschfels is optimistic that the Lienapis would attract many visitors, especially for weekend activities.

“There’s so much potential for it,” he said.

More than a decade ago, the Leliapis Hotel was one part of an expansion plan to the Lihuapis Apartment Complex.

The complex was built in 2005, and the Lliapis owned the property for 15 years.