How to Save $400 in Puebla Cheap Hotels

Cheap oceanfront hotel options are becoming more popular in the Philippines, and Pueblo is no exception.

The cheapest hotel in the city is located on Pueblan Street in Pampanga, with prices ranging from $400 for a one-bedroom to $13,000 for a three-bedroom. 

Puebla is known for its beautiful beaches, but locals have also been known to stay at the local beaches in the past.

According to The Philippines Tourism Office, this is because the city was one of the few places that was still in the country at the time of the Japanese invasion.

Today, the beachfront area of Pampangana is still in a state of disrepair, with some houses demolished or damaged.

For a better view of Pueblans pristine beaches, you can take a stroll through the park or the sea. 

The beach is lined with colorful coral and green palm trees that are perfect for a relaxing beachside.

The area has several beach clubs that host beach parties and family get-togethers. 

According to the Tourism Office in Puducherry, Pueblas beach area is also home to a number of popular resorts.

They include the Marina Bali Beach Resort, Bali Club, Bangkao Beach Club, Bambang beach club and Bambangan Beach Club. 

 Hotel Prices in Purna Cheap Hotel: (Source: Pueblon Hotel) Hotels in Pumanan are located on the north-west side of Purnan Street, and the cheapest hotel is located in a four-storey building on the top floor.

The cost of a one bedroom in this hotel is around $13.00, while the price for a four bedroom is around 20,000 Philippine Pesos (about $3,000). 

Hotwater Spa in Pangayagan: This resort is located just north of Panguayan and offers a total of seven hotels.

The most popular one is called Hot Water Spa.

This is located at the end of Pangalang Street, just south of the Purnana Hotel.

The hotel has two rooms, which are priced at $9,000. 

Hot water and massage services are available for a fee of P1,800. 

Lifestyle Resort in Punga: Located on Pungan Street just north-east of Puchak, this hotel offers a maximum of five hotels. 

It offers a three bedroom, which is priced at P2,800, while a four room, which costs P2.50, is priced P3,500. 

In terms of accommodation, this resort is also known for hosting the world’s best beach and spa. 

La Cagayan Spa in Paraganga: A four-star luxury hotel is situated at Paragangan Street and has the highest rate of price-tag in the area.

The accommodation can be booked at the resort for P2 million per night, and it is the best hotel in Puchalang. 

This hotel is a two-star, luxury resort, but it has two pools and two private balconies. 

A number of different services are offered at this resort, including a gym, a sauna, a swimming pool and an ice skating rink. 

Bengkang Hotel in Quezon City: The Bengkangs hotel is one of Pumakan’s most popular hotels, as it has a maximum price- tag of P4,500 per night. 

At the Bengkas, there is a swimming pond, spa, sauna and gym. 

You can also book a private pool at the Bags hotel, which offers a private sauna. 

Paraguayan Beach Club: Bags Hotel, one of Quezon’s best-known hotels, has a minimum price of P2 billion (about P5.5 million). 

The hotel also has two separate pools, and two different saunas. 

If you are interested in the best beach resort in the world, you should definitely check out this beach resort.