Which cheap hotels in Auckland are the best?

Dunsborough – The cheapest hotel in Auckland tonight?

It’s Dunsboro, a small coastal town with an impressive array of bars, restaurants and boutiques.

The resort is a bit of a hidden gem, though it does come with its fair share of drawbacks, including the fact that it’s only about an hour from Auckland’s main train station. 

But the fact is that if you’re looking for cheap accommodation, it’s a must-try.

The hotel has been named one of the best cheap hotel nights in the city and it has a host of great options in Dunsborgh.

For starters, the property has a pool, a rooftop deck, a heated swimming pool and the option to rent out a room for a night.

Another option is to rent a car.

You can have it driven in and then get the car back, or you can pay a deposit to rent the car out for a day or two, which means you’ll save money and have access to the hotel pool and rooftop deck.

Or, you can rent a boat, which will cost about $150 to $300.

It’s a great way to enjoy Dunsore.

It also comes with its own car rental scheme, with the hotel offering to help you book the car on the spot, and it’s available at a discount.

There are a few other options too, from free WiFi in the hotel’s main room to free WiFi on the beachfront, and there are also discounted rates for guests staying with friends or family.

The most expensive option is the restaurant and lounge, which starts at $175 for three hours.

There are also options in the resort town of Whangarei, which is the perfect place to go for a cheap stay with friends.

There are also cheaper options in Whangariki, which offers a smaller pool with a balcony and pool table.

There’s also a cafe and bar area in Dunnsborough, where you can grab a bite or a cup of coffee and grab a book.

There’s also the Dunsport Cafe and Bar, which has a great menu of sandwiches and drinks.

If you’re not into the whole touristy thing, there are some great options to stay in Duncsborgh, which include the town’s main railway station and a couple of smaller hotels.

There you have it, the best and cheapest cheap hotels, as we’ve compiled them for you in this guide.

If you’ve been to Dunsbos in the past, let us know in the comments section below whether you’d love to stay there.