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4 new hotel options have been added to the list of new hotels coming to the Indian market.

Cheaper hotels are now available at Indian resorts.

The first of these is called The Palace, which will open next year.

This luxury resort in Rajasthan has been built by a company called SRI Group, which is the parent company of Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

It has been owned by the Indian government since 2011.

According to its website, The Palace has 10 guest rooms, 10 suites and 10 double-rooms.

It will cost you between $3,500 and $4,500 a night.

There are two different types of suites.

The main one is a private suite and it has a queen-size bed.

The second type has a private room and is for couples.

One of the guests said that he and his wife had booked a private suites at the Palace in 2019 for their son, but they ended up staying in the hotel room because of the high prices.

“When the hotel started, it was the cheapest, but now prices are rising,” he said.

Apart from the Palace, there are also other popular luxury hotels.

 The Jalan Ghat, located in Jammu and Kashmir, has two luxury suites for $3 million each.

And there is the new Hotel Moolchand in Kolkata, which has two private suites for about $5 million each, as well as two double rooms for $8,000.

Both of these luxury hotels are already available in India, but the new ones are priced higher.

Here are some of the other new hotels that are coming to Indian resorts in 2019.

Mahatma Gandhi Hotels at KolkattaHotels at JammuAndhraHotels in PuneIn 2019, the Hotel Mahatma in Punes, which was once a hotel owned by Vijay Mallya, will be rebranded as the Gandhi Hotel.

In the process, it will offer four new rooms for the Indian clientele, as part of a move to cut costs.

Read more about Mahatmas in India here.

PuneHotels, which were once owned by a man named Rajat Gupta, has been transformed into a luxury hotel with its first two suites priced at about $1 million each and a private pool for up to 10 people.

It also has a double room for up $1.5 million.

For an Indian customer, the price tag can be quite expensive.

The hotel will have 10 rooms and a double suite, with prices starting at about Rs 2.5 crore for the private suite.

The new Gandhi Hotel in Kollam will be the first hotel in India to be converted into a luxurious hotel. 

The hotel will be known as the Mahatmathi hotel, which means “a palace of the people”.

It is a five-star hotel, and will be open for two months from September 2019.

It is expected to offer up to 4,000 rooms and double suites.

India has one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

The average cost of a room in this city is around Rs 40,000, and a two-bed room in Mumbai is about Rs 40 lakh.

The prices of rooms and suites at these luxury resorts are among the highest in the country.

Many of the luxury hotels in India offer their guests access to a private balcony, which allows guests to view the city from the balcony.