How the cheap hotels near the city centre are doing

Emeryville’s hotels are doing well.It’s not just because they have a new lease on life, says Mark Hetfield, head of the hotel association.“They’re getting a lot more customers,” he says.“A lot of them are not really staying in the old hotels, but they’re going to the new hotels, or they’re just staying at the cheapest […]

Uber, Airbnb: How Airbnb could be the next big ride sharing company

On March 17, the UberX service launched, a service that lets users rent out rooms for as little as $1 a night.This was not the only way for people to earn money on Airbnb.The company is working on a new way for users to earn a living.A few days after the launch, Airbnb announced a […]

How to book cheap hotels in the EU

The UK and France have the most affordable hotel deals in the European Union, according to the latest survey of the market by the hotel industry.The UK’s cheap hotel market is estimated to be worth £15bn and France’s the most expensive with £20bn.A new study from research firm Euromonitor shows France is the most popular […]

How to Get Cheap Hotels in Omaha for $200

Cheap hotels are everywhere.They’re a hot topic, a topic for debate, and a point of discussion among the locals.The cheap hotel industry is a thriving, well-funded business that offers guests the opportunity to pay less than $200 per night.While the vast majority of the hotels and motels listed on this website are available in Omaha, […]

How to get the best cheap hotel reservations online

BARRINGTON, Va.— Cheap hotels and resort hotels are the next frontier in the rapidly expanding “tourism economy.”In fact, the new hotel industry is so lucrative, according to a new report by consulting firm McKinsey & Co., that hoteliers are going to need to be prepared to pay their employees more to stay at the same […]